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Protect Your Identity While You’re Away This Summer

Protect Your Identity While You’re Away This Summer

Summer is in full swing now, and most of you are probably getting ready to go on a summer vacation with family or friends. Vacation is usually a time to enjoy yourself and have fun, but remember, your identity is still at risk even while you are relaxing with your toes in the sand on the beach!

In fact, tourist areas are prime targets for pickpockets and identity thieves, and while you’re away your home is more vulnerable, adding to the risk of any type of theft.

Follow these tips so you can fully relax and let loose knowing your identity is safe while you are enjoying your vacation away from home.

  1. Hold your mail while you are away. Put a hold on your mail and newspaper deliveries, or ask a trustworthy neighbor to bring it in every day. Leaving your mail unattended or letting your newspapers pile up is like giving thieves an invitation to steal your personal information or even break into your home.
  2. Do not announce that you are out of town on your social media networks. As we discussed in our last post, it’s important to protect your identity on social media. This includes keeping personal information, like the dates and locations of your vacation, to yourself. Post photos and statuses about your vacation after you have returned home.
  3. Leave your laptop and important documents locked up in a safe place while you’re gone.
  4. Remove any unnecessary cards from your wallet, like your library card or anything with identifying information. Only carry around what you absolutely need with you, and never leave your wallet or purse unattended. If you can, utilize a traveler’s wallet that you can hide underneath your clothing.
  5. Set up a password on your cell phone. If possible, enable a GPS function or download a GPS locator application to track your phone in case it is lost or stolen while you’re on vacation.

Be safe and have a great summer!

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